Top 4 Most Durable and Convenient Storage Bags

Top 4 Most Durable and Convenient Storage Bags

Getting ready to move? Or are you just looking to store away a lot of excess items for a little while? Regardless of what you’re doing, it’s important that you have proper storage bags to make your life easier. We’ve pulled together four great bag options that you should consider next time you need storage organization assistance.

Ikea 901.491.48 Frakta Storage Bag

To call this Frakta storage bag by Ikea heavy duty is an understatement. Measuring at 28 inches long, 13 inches deep, and 11 inches high, you can stow away a lot of items inside with ease. The bag is capable of handling up to 55 lbs. or 20 gallons, meaning that you don’t have to worry about it splitting or breaking open at inconvenient moments. The material is made of 100% polypropylene, ensuring it retains its high quality for a long time.

Creative Green Life Heavy Duty Extra Large Storage Bags

This heavy-duty storage bag is crafted from tear-resistant 150 GSM waterproof fabric, and the extra strength webbing belt handles are sewn specifically to not break, no matter how large of a load you’re carrying. You can fit up to 23 gallons of material in this 29” x 12” x 15” bag, and its sturdy, highly reusable design makes it a better option than your average moving boxes. If you don’t need to use the bags, you can easily fold them up and store them in your basement, closet, bedroom, or other small spots to minimize clutter.

Earthwise Reusable Storage Bags

The Earthwise storage bags are made of durable, hefty, tear-resistant 140GSM polypropylene, and their 50-lb. capacity means they won’t tear while you work. You can use these extra-large bags for storing your clothes, toys, shoes, blankets, laundry, and much more. They measure at 29” long, 12” high, and 18” deep, allowing you to transport large loads in less trips.

DOKEHOM 100L Large Storage Bag

These foldable, ultra-large sized storage bags measure at 27.5” long, 16.5” wide, and 13.8” height, and they’re rated to carry up to 100 liters. The 600D oxford fabric is waterproof, washable, and dust-resistant, meaning they won’t get dirty or worn out quickly and can last you for a long time. The three side zippers make loading and unloading as easy as can be.