Top 4 Ring Lights

Top 4 Ring Lights

Four best ring light products for your livestream or selfies!

Enhance, improve and accelerate your online presence with these portable and mobile-friendly lighting options.

Whether you are starting a YouTube channel or just want to take better pictures for your blog, you know that the competition for viewership is fierce. Proper lighting is essential for transforming an amateur presentation into a professional one. If you rely on the same equipment for reading or lighting your home, your videos and photos are likely discolored, dim, and unnatural looking. Here is our list of the top four lights that are portable, mobile-friendly, and powerful enough to imitate daylight in video and photography.

ESDDI Bicolor LED Ring Light with Stand Tripod and Phone Holder

Amazon’s Choice

The ESDDI Bicolor LED Ring Light is great for selfies and on-the-go video recording. The unit and tripod are easy to set up and break down, and all of the components fit into the included carrying case. The ESDDI Ring Light is adjustable in height and has both cool and warm light options to perfectly fit within the context of your subject. The 3200K – 5600K brightness will eliminate any shadows while also being dimmable to match the sharpness you desire. The ESDDI Ring Light is compatible with most smart phones and DSLR cameras for optimal versatility.

Foxin 6” LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand

As more companies pivot toward having their employees work remotely, the 6” Foxin LED Ring Light is great for professional uses such as online meetings and livestreaming. The light has three dimmable settings to match the required context whether you need cold, warm, or neutral lighting. This portable unit is small enough to fit in most standard backpacks, and compact enough for a permanent place on your desk without having to be broken down and put away.

EEIEER RGB Ring Light 19”

To include more color in your video or to add some visual edge to your next party, the EEIEER RGB Ring Light is the best choice. In addition to the standard cold, warm, and neutral light options, this unit also has color choices for tinting your videos and pictures. The 19” light brightens up a larger area than a typically sized unit, so it’s especially useful for recording or livestreaming unscripted events such as parties or galas. It also features a wireless remote that adjusts brightness and color, starts and stops recording, and snaps a photo. This way, no one has to be the photographer, allowing everyone to have a good time!

Meifigno Selfie Ring Light

Amazon’s Choice

The Meifigno Selfie Ring Light is the absolute most portable ring light that we have seen. While featuring 36 LEDs, the unit is only slightly larger than most smart phones, making it easy to slip into your pocket. Recharge the light with the included USB cable so there’s no need for batteries or having to plug it into your phone. Even though it’s small and compact, it still provides a customizable experience with 3 brightness settings. It’s perfect for taking outdoor selfies during parties, barbecues, bonfires, and other events where ambient lighting is dim. Capture the fun!