Top 4 LED Shop Lights for Your Garage or Shed

Top 4 LED Shop Lights for Your Garage or Shed

When working in your garage or shed, you need ample lighting so that you can see what you’re doing. An average living room lamp won’t do the trick. You need high-grade shop lighting. With so many lighting options out on the market nowadays, it can be difficult finding the best bang for your buck. Take a look below at our recommendations for the top four LED shop lights for your workspace.

OOOLED 42W LED Shop Light

This 42W shop light delivers up to 4800 lumens at 5000K Daylight White, which means you’ll get some of the best lighting in your garage or shed without having to worry about an exorbitant electrical bill. Installation is simple and hassle-free, and you can mount this light flush to the wall, or hanging from the ceiling depending on your preference. Use this shop light in your basement, utility room, storage room, barn, or anywhere else where you need ample light to cover a wide area.

Sunco Lighting Industrial LED Shop Light

Sunco Lighting’s commercial-grade LED shop lights are ENERGY STAR-certified and tested to deliver optimal performance, and provide 4,000 lumens with 120 Volts worth of energy. Easy to install, you can directly mount them flush to the ceiling or let them hand as you see fit to brighten up your workspace, from garages to basements, to warehouses and storage areas. You’re also able to daisy chain up to four shop lights together with connectors, which will deliver ample light across your workspace while keeping your energy costs low.

Hykolity 5000K LED Shop Lights

These super bright LED shop lights from Hykolity deliver 4200 lumens at 5000K daylight white, which is a level of LED efficiency that is almost unheard of in the industry. This means better lighting for your workspace but with manageable electrical bills. The durable composite aluminum construction allows these lights to remain efficient and functional for a long time, and their versatility lets you place them almost anywhere, from basements, to warehouses.

Bbounder Linkable LED Utility Shop Light

This Bbounder option is a top-rated economy LED utility shop light that produces 4000 lumens at 5000K, creating a brightly-lit workspace without pumping up your electrical bill. You can link up to four LED shop lights together to further reduce your energy costs across your home or workspace. Installation is easy, and you can place these lights almost anywhere on your ceiling, whether suspended or flush, to give you enough light to work efficiently and safely.