Top 4 Dental Mouth Guards to Protect Your Teeth

Top 4 Dental Mouth Guards to Protect Your Teeth

Nocturnal teeth grinding is a common problem among sleepers around the world. If you don’t act on it, not only can you face sleep issues, but you can actually face severe dental problems down the line. That’s why many dental professionals actually recommend mouth guards to wear while you sleep. We’ve compiled a list of the four best mouth guards available right now.

Dental Duty Professional Mouth Guard

The Dental Duty Professional Mouth Guard set is designed to fit any type of mouth thanks to its molding technology that easily slips over your teeth. If you find that the mouth guards are too large, you can simply trim them to your preferred size. You don’t have to use them solely for protection against teeth grinding either. You can wear them to protect your mouth while playing sports, or even as teeth whitening trays. The Dental Duty Professional Mouth Guard is truly a great bang for your buck.

EnCore Custom Dental Mouth Guards

EnCore’s custom mouth guard set comes with four different guards to choose from, depending on your teeth sensitivity and your personal preferences. You can go with a hard guard, a soft guard, a dual layer guard that is a hybrid of hard and soft, and a daytime hard for daily usage. These guards are specifically designed and manufactured to fit your mouth, and they’re FDA approved, consisting of materials made exclusively in the United States and Germany.

Reejoys Multipurpose Mouth Guard

The Reejoys multipurpose mouth guard can be used as a tooth whitening tray, a protective athletic mouth guard, and as a preventative measure against teeth grinding. You’ll find that this mouth guard is easy to mold for virtually any mouth and delivers excellent and professional relief from nocturnal teeth grinding. The set comes with four mouth guards in total, and whether you’re an adult, a teenager, or a child, you will find a guard that fits you perfectly.

Neomen Professional Dental Guard

Neomen’s professional-grade mouth guard option is BPA-free and comes with an antibacterial case to ensure no harmful organisms can grow. Included in this set are four mouth guards in two different sizes, so that no matter how big or small your mouth, you’re guaranteed a comfortable fit. The Neomen mouth guard can be used for nightly teeth grinding, protection during sports, and an inexpensive but reliable tooth-whitening tray.