Top 4 Basketballs to Bring on the Court

Top 4 Basketballs to Bring on the Court

You may not believe it, but finding the right basketball can be a bit challenging. Are you planning to play indoor or outdoor? Do you just want to shoot hoops with your friends, or are you planning to play a game every weekend? Is it for adults, teenagers, or kids? All of these considerations are crucial when shopping for a basketball, so it can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve found four of the best basketballs for you to consider.

Wilson Evolution Game Basketball

Wilson has created the perfect basketball that has been approved for play by the National Federation of State High School Association. The ball measures at 29.5 inches, and it comes with Premium Evo Microfiber Composite Cover that delivers the perfect grip and durability that will allow you to play all season without issue. Wilson created this ball to be the #1 indoor game basketball in America, and if you’re looking to replicate the look and feel of an actual NBA game, this is the option for you.

Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball

The advanced microfiber cover of the Baden Elite basketball has the perfect combination of track and softness, allowing for maximum playability. It doesn’t absorb moisture like competitors’ models, so you never have to worry about losing your grip on the ball. The ball features a unique symmetrical panel construction, which spaces out the panels and results in a consistent bounce. Take this ball to any indoor basketball game for girls 12 and up or boys 12 to 14.

The Rock Official Men’s Basketball

The Rock basketball was created to replicate the same balls used in professional American games. Measuring at 29.5 inches and backed by a certificate of authenticity, you can rest assured that this isn’t some cheap dollar store ball. This is a regulation-size game ball that will maintain its shape and texture for years to come.

Spalding TF-500 Intermediate Basketball

This basketball by Spalding is a size 6, measuring at 28.5 inches. The performance composite cover and deep channel design gives you complete ball control and the ultimate handling capability. The butyl rubber bladder promotes air retention, so you don’t have to worry about losing air mid-game. Keep in mind that this ball is designed for indoor play only.