Top 3 Garden Gnomes

Top 3 Garden Gnomes

Garden gnomes are an old-fashioned but timeless way to add a bit of whimsy to your outdoor space. Check out our top picks for the most interesting garden gnomes.

Garden Gnome Holding Bird

Chill vibes for any outdoor space

The Garden Gnome Holding Bird brings fun vibes in a classic package to your outdoor space. Whether it’s a garden, on a patio, or just next to a potted plant, this gnome is sure to bring a smile to your face whenever you see him. He’s made out of polyresin and stone powder to ensure he brings smiles to your face for years to come.

Garden Gnomes Kissing Statue

Solar-powered whimsy

The Garden Gnomes Kissing Statue is a great gift for your gardening friends. The unit features solar-powered lights that glow warmly as the sun sets, illuminating the cute tableau of kissing gnomes. The light adds a special fairy like whimsy, especially when paired with several glowing gnomes from Exhart. These gnomes are long-lasting and weather-resistant, so they will always be a presence in your garden.

Tall Gnome Garden Statue

Tall gnomes with flower power

These large Garden Statues are great for giving one to a friend and keeping one for yourself. This tall gnome features flowers all over his person, making him fun and cheery. The tall gnome is perfect for larger areas, such as highlighting a tree in your yard or guarding the entrance to your driveway.