Our Top 6 Pop Sockets

Our Top 6 Pop Sockets

PopSockets: Vent Mount for All PopSockets Grips

  • Amazon’s Choice

Car vent mount for PopSockets

Using your phone while driving is a dangerous activity. Amazon’s Choice for a solution to this problem is the PopSockets Vent Mount. Easily go hands free and make phone calls or use the GPS on your phone. Instead of leaving unattractive adhesive residue on your precious car, the mount easily attaches to a vent on your dashboard. Not only does this help keep your car looking top notch, the mount easily transfers from vehicle to vehicle, making you the obvious choice for a road trip companion. 

PopSockets: PopGrip with Swappable Top for Phones & Tablets – Aluminum Rose Gold

Useful and fun phone grip with interchangeable styles

PopSockets PopGrip is the perfect way to accessorize your phone and make it easier to use. The PopSocket is low profile and pops out to be the perfect phone grip, allowing you to text or scroll one handed. For watching shows or tutorials, or video calling your friends, the pop grip also acts as a phone stand. The stylish tops are removable and can be swapped with any other top. Simply twist, pull, and add your next new PopSocket. 

pzoz Metal Phone Finger Ring

90-Degree angle designed for wall mounted devices

  • Amazon’s Choice

Phone finger ring and kick stand for 

For a stylish and functional way to keep your phone secure, Amazon’s Choice is the Pzoz Metal Cell Phone Ring. Easily attach the ring to your phone’s case, and never drop your phone again. The Cell Phone Ring makes your phone an asset, and less of a liability. Use the ring to free up your hand by holding your phone with just one finger, or stabilize your grip of your phone while texting or taking photos. The ring doubles as a phone stand so you can watch a show or easily take videos. Best of all, it comes with a compatible car mount, for hands free phone use while driving. 

Phone Kickstand – FITFORT 360° Rotation

  • Amazon’s Choice

Stylish phone grip ring with 360-degree phone stand

The FitFort Metal Ring Grip is Amazon’s Choice for ensuring your phone is secure, while also adding great functions to your phone. Use it to stand your phone up for watching videos, reading recipes while you’re cooking, or keeping an eye on a baby monitor. The metal case is compatible with your existing magnetic car mount, adding to the already long list of great uses for this phone ring. 

Ghostek Loop Magnetic Cell Phone Finger Holder (Marble Rose)

Canvas strap finger holder compatible with wireless charging

For a phone ring that is compatible with wireless charging, the Ghostek Loop Finger Holder is the perfect choice. Made with a canvas loop that’s low profile and gentle on your fingers and surfaces, this finger holder is easily detached from the base to allow for wireless charging. The glue is super strong and compatible with most hard phone cases. The strap has a magnetic back that can be used with your existing car mount or vent mount, allowing you to drive safely while still using some functions of your phone. 

Scooch WINGBACK | Pop Up Phone Grip & Stand for Phones and Tablets (Black)

Low profile phone grip and stand

If you’re tired of getting your phone finger grip stuck on your pocket or your bag, check out the Scooch Wingback pop up phone grip. When not in use, the grip is almost completely flush with your phone, with nothing sticking out. Press the grip and it pops up, giving you a place to stick your finger for one handed texting, scrolling, or selfie-ing. The back is magnetic for use with any magnetic car or vent holder. Best of all, the holder can be used as a phone stand in either portrait or landscape configuration. You’ll never run out of uses for this great phone holder.