Our Top 5 Business Staplers

Our Top 5 Business Staplers

AmazonBasics 10-Sheet Capacity Office Stapler

Perfect every-day use stapler

Amazon’s Choice for a basic office stapler is the AmazonBasics 10 Sheet Capacity Non-Slip stapler. For standard home office use, this affordable stapler is guaranteed to fit the bill. Can be opened 180 degrees to tack papers to a bulletin board or to the wall, or use the anvil to create sharp staples for temporary pinning. The no-stick bottom ensures a sturdy base for all your stapling needs.

Bostitch Office Heavy Duty 40 Sheet Stapler

Huge power in miniature package

For more professional uses, check out the Bostitch Office Heavy Duty Stapler. With 40-sheet capacity, this stapler can tackle any stack you throw at it. Unlike many heavy duty staplers, this one is light and small, easily fitting in the palm of your hand. This unit easily transitions to staple papers and posters to the wall, a bulletin board, or even telephone poles. The flat-cinch design results in more streamlined paper stacks, resulting in a more efficient use of space in your filing cabinet, binder, or folders.

Swingline Stapler 25 Sheet Capacity

Classic metal, jam resistant desktop stapler

If you don’t want to fight with your stapler ever again, look no further than this Swingline Iconic Desktop Stapler. It’s designed for desktop use, with a rubber bottom that keeps the stapler from sliding. The durable, all metal construction ensures you can never break it during the course of everyday use, and gives the stapler a classic, attractive look. This stapler combines form and function with a specially crafted inner rail for jam resistance. 

Mr. Pen- Heavy Duty Stapler 100 Sheet High Capacity

Heavy duty, industrial stapler

For serious applications, Amazon’s Choice is the Mr. Pen Heavy Duty Stapler. This desktop stapler is great for students, teachers, accountants, and any other user who needs to consistently fasten large stacks of paper. Easily and reliably staple up to 100 sheets. The high-strength spring multiplies the force you need to place on the stapler in order to complete your task.

Swingline Stapler 40 Sheet Capacity

One handed heavy duty stapling

Amazon’s Choice for a compact desktop stapler is the Swingline Optima 40 Stapler. This stapler boasts special low force technology, allowing you to easily staple up to 40 sheets of paper. The soft, ergonomic grip ensures comfort and stability in stapling, ensuring it never slips out of your hands or misfires. The compact design makes it perfect for small desks, shared spaces, or for storing away.