Our Top 5 HDMI Cables

Our Top 5 HDMI Cables


AmazonBasics High-Speed 4K HDMI Cable, 6 Feet

Basic 4K HDMI Cable for all uses

This AmazonBasics High-Speed 4K HDMI cable can easily satisfy all your most basic cable needs. The 6-foot length is perfect for connecting devices together, without having to deal with excess cable that tangles and makes a mess. With built in ethernet capability, this cable can do anything and everything you need it to do.


6.5ft 8K HDMI Ultra HD High Speed 48Gbps Cable

High speed, backwards compatible HDMI Cable

The Zeskit 8K HDMI Ultra High Speed cable is the most powerful HDMI cable we have seen. With 48 Gigabytes per second, get the best possible cable for your favorite devices and gaming consoles. The 8k resolution ensures you’re never behind the resolution of your medium, whether it’s a high-tech game or a high-resolution film or TV show.



UGREEN HDMI Cable Right Angle 90 Degree Elbow HDMI Cord

90-Degree angle designed for wall mounted devices

Sometimes the perfect spot to mount your new TV is hard to reach. Not anymore with this UGreen HDMI Cable. With a 90-degree angle plug in, this cord will sit flush with your TV and your wall, for a professional and neat look. For the best experience in gaming and movie watching, this cord boasts 4K Ultra HD, 3D, 1080p for crisp and color true viewing. The Audio Return Connection compatibility doubles your efficiency by using just one cable to send the audio to your soundbar or other audio set up.  



AmazonBasics Braided 4K HDMI to HDMI Cable – 15-Foot

15-Foot backwards compatible braided cable

The AmazonBasics Braided 4K cable is backwards compatible and ethernet enabled. This cable will work seamlessly with your older devices. With the ethernet capability, share internet with multiple devices without having to use a separate ethernet cable. This cable is the latest in HDMI technology, with 4K video at 60 Hz, 2160p, 48 bit/px color depth. Get great visual quality with this high-tech cable.



HDMI Cable 50 Feet Postta Ultra HDMI 2.0V Cable

Ultra-flexible HDMI Cable set for all uses

The Postta Ultra HDMI 2.0V Cable is the ultimate in efficiency and flexibility. Its 50-foot length allows you to easily connect devices from across the room in the most visually appealing manner. The adapters allow you to create a female end or 90-degree angle for even more efficiency in wall mounting. The built in ethernet and Audio Return capabilities make this the best all-around cable to meet all your needs.