Our Top 5 Bottle Brush Recommendations

Our Top 5 Bottle Brush Recommendations

Cleaning the inside of a bottle or container can be tough without the proper tools. Check out our recommendations for the best bottle brush packages available.


You know how frustrating it is trying to clean out a bottle. You can’t do it without the proper tools at your disposal. A bottle brush can help alleviate your problems. However, not all bottle brushes are made the same. If you want a brush that’ll get the job done, you need to look at every aspect, from the size of the handle to the durability of the bristles. Here are five of our recommended bottle brush options.

OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush

The OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush has a long, flexible neck that makes it capable of reaching inside any bottle, pitcher, or carafe. The stiff bristles have no trouble cleaning the tightest corners, allowing you to give your bottle a serious scrub without worrying about damaging it. The handle has a comfortable, non-slip handle (even when wet), so you can have full control at all times.

Turbo Microfiber Bottle Brush Cleaner 5-Pack

The Turbo Microfiber brush pack comes with five different bottle cleaning options, including an extra-long bamboo handle brush, a narrow neck bottle brush, a narrow bottle brush, a baby bottle brush, and a straw cleaning brush. This pack is perfect for cleaning and scrubbing out your thermos, hydro flask, tumbler, and more. These brushes are meant to last a long time and are backed by a money-back guarantee.

Amazer Bottle Cleaning Brush 2-Pack

This brush 2-pack from Amazer is a must-have for all kinds of kitchens. The soft white bristles are gentle enough to clean glassware without scratching, but strong enough to remove the most stubborn residue. The stiff blue bristles are firm and tough, making them perfect for the bottom of long bottles. The short brushes inside the handles are great for cleaning bottle nipples and other small accessories.

ddLuck Silicone Bottle Cleaning Brush

An alternative to traditional bottle brushes, this brush from ddLuck is made from thick, FDA-approved silicone. The bristles repel unpleasant odors and stains, and unlike sponge brushes, won’t harbor bacteria and other potentially harmful substances. Use this brush for sports bottles, hydro flasks, infusers, baby bottles, appliances, and much more.

Carlisle Commercial Bottle Brush

The Carlisle brush is great for valves and bottles, and its long handle and round head allow it to fit into most jars, glasses, and bottles. The polyester bristles are designed to last for a long time, and the base resins used to produce the bristles are FDA-approved, meaning you don’t have to worry about potentially harmful chemicals and substances.