Our Top 4 Moss Balls

Our Top 4 Moss Balls

6 Marimo Moss Ball Variety Pack – 4 Different Sizes

Highest quality Marimo balls

The marimo ball is a fascinating, attractive piece of moss to add your fish tank or water garden. This set of six balls from Aquatic Arts is the highest quality marimo around. Sustainably harvested from its natural habitat, the marimo is then thoroughly quarantined to ensure no parasites or other stows-away end up in your tank. The marimos are graded to remove sub-par specimens from sale, and each is hand washed to remove sand and silt, leaving a pristine set of balls for your environment. Marimo requires no special nutrients or lighting, making it not only the highest quality water plant you can get, but one of the easiest to care for.

Corisrx Water Plants Taiwan Moss 3″x3″

Slow growing moss for reducing fish stress and increasing beneficial bacteria

This Corisrx Taiwan Moss is harvested from its natural habitat in Taiwan. Great for low maintenance aquariums, Taiwan moss gross more slowly than other mosses, reducing the amount of time required to care for it. It provides excellent habitat and hiding space for small creatures such as shrimp. It’s especially handy if you keep a beta fish with other, smaller fish. Give them a chance to get away from the beta on occasion! The natural moss houses beneficial bacteria, and absorbs damaging chemicals from the environment such as nitrates, ammonium, and phosphates.

Java Moss Stone pad – Live Aquarium Plants

Easiest moss to grow, but looks great

This Java Moss Stone pad from Aquarium Live Water Plants is the easiest moss to grow and propagate for your water garden or fish-tank. The moss has no specific water or lighting requirements, and loves being placed in an existing environment – you do not have to pre-clean your tank before placing it in. Create a great forest of moss for your creatures to hide in, reducing stress and giving them a place to reproduce. The Java Moss will compete with algae growth in your tank by using the same nutrients.

Flame Moss Pad 3″ x 3″

Vertical growing moss for tank cleaning and habitat

For a more vertical growing moss, check out this Flame Moss from Aquarium Live Water Plants. This moss tends to grow up, rather than out, so it functions more like a grass than pure moss. The vertical pattern is especially good for giving your fish a space to reproduce or hide, reducing their stress. As a live plant, the moss thrives off the bad chemicals that are produced in a fish tank system, such as CO2, phosphates, nitrates, and ammonia. By absorbing these chemicals, the flame moss is an effective way to reduce algae growth, keeping your tank clean.