Our Top 4 Color Calibrators

Our Top 4 Color Calibrators

Datacolor Spyder5ELITE – Designed for Professional Photographers (S5EL100)

Professional color calibration for perfect prints

Professional photographers know that proper color calibration of your computer monitor is key to printed photos that look like you planned them to look. The Datacolor Spyder5Elite is the perfect choice for your professional needs. In addition to calibrating your monitor, the Datacolor also monitors the light in the room to provide the best monitor brightness to further ensure fidelity between the digital and print version of your photo or graphic design. Even with these great results, color calibration only takes about 5 minutes, so you’re back to creating perfect prints in less time.

X-Rite i1Display Pro (EODIS3)

Flexible color calibrator with workflow enhancing features

The X-Rite i1Display Pro is a number one best seller in color calibration hardware, and no surprise. With up to five times faster calibration, the X-Rite i1 Display Pro gives you options depending on the level of precision you need. Two user modes allow you to further balance your needs for precision and speed allowing you to set basic or advanced calibration settings. For professional settings, utilize the quality assurance mode to easily double check your work, and set calibration reminders for workflow efficiency. Great for when your calibration needs to travel from location to location, easily monitor and account for the ambient light to get consistent results across devices and locations.

Datacolor Spyder5EXPRESS – Designed for Hobbyist Photographers (S5X100)

Professional-grade color calibration for hobbyists and students

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get great, true to color prints of your hobby photographs. The Datacolor Spyder5Express is the perfect choice for hobbyists and students, as it’s simple and quick to use. Easily review before and after results to ensure you’ve calibrated to your liking. With calibrated results, your printed photos will match your edit, and you’ll save time and money on printing and adjusting over and over.

Pantone i1 Studio Designer Edition: Monitor and Printer Calibration Spectrophotometer

Color calibration for Apple devices

Designed specifically for Apple users, the Pantone i1 Studio Designer Edition is a top of the line color calibrator for monitors, projectors, scanners, and printers. Also works with tablets and smart phones. Download the app from the Apple store to create multiple profiles for use across various devices. Use the device to adjust the settings on your monitor, instead of manually adjusting and re-calibrating for hours before getting to the perfect setting.